Rafael Witczak, the man behind the transport company we’ve all come to love, Sprinter Emergency. Though Sprinter is now a household name, it wasn’t always this way. It was not so long ago that Rafael was on his own, a man with a mission, working his way as a courier, then a truck driver, to finally owning his own van and making all the deliveries himself in the early days of the company.

So, Rafael, tell me how the company came to be?

I started in Toronto in the 90s as a courier delivering documents and parcels all across the GTA. That led to a truck-driving gig, where I drove a 53-foot tractor trailer for five years.

That inspired me to launch my own business. I purchased a Sprinter Van in 2008 and obtained my own shipments and performed the deliveries myself. It was a lot of work being a one-man show, but very rewarding. I then purchased a second and third van and hired drivers for those vans. And I built the company from there. The momentum was building on its own.

I then rented a small office space and hired my first Operation Logistician. It was really exciting to do that and felt I had hit a major milestone.

From there I continued to build the team, and I’m very proud of the team we have today!

What makes Sprinter different from other transport communities? Why do you think customers keep coming back?

I do believe it’s our value system. From the very beginning I’ve always prided myself on listening to customers’ needs, then promptly and efficiently presenting a win-win solution. We are meticulous with every detail, and are transparent with our customers every step of the way. This helps build trust. We understand that it has to be earned, and we feel we’ve done that. We do what it takes to satisfy the customer, and strive to continually grow the business relationship. We deliver on our promises…always.

What are some of the most interesting items you or your team has transported?

There’s been quite a lot over the last 12 years!! I’ll never forget when we had to deliver very important documents with an on-board courier to Egypt. We also service the entertainment industry and national sports teams so some of the celebrities we’ve met have been highlights. We’ve also delivered military and NASA goods. It’s humbling to know that these very important industries have entrusted us with confidential and delicate information. Our role is critical to ensuring their daily operations run smoothly and efficiently.

You are very involved in the community with various sponsorships. What charities and organizations are you involved with?

I feel it’s important to give back to the community when you can. Over the years, we’ve supported: Walk for Autism in Toronto, Sick Kids Hospital, Full-Circle TMS Conference and Networking Events, Omnitracs Sylectus Conferences and Networking Events, The Expedite Association of North America, Milton Youth Soccer Team, a Care and Educational Facility “Przystan” in Poland, and Olivia Rybicka and Oliver Joshua Andari from the Polish Ice Dance Team.