Our Services

Ground or air, we got you

Do you have some precious cargo to get from Point A to Point B? Our extensive fleet gives you options and our dedicated drivers ensure your package arrives on time. See which of our services best suits your needs – or give us a call, we’re available 24/7.

Ground Expedite

Services Ground ExpediteGround Expedite is where we exercise all of our business expertise to deliver your freight anywhere in Canada and the United States. Sprinter Emergency Transport’s CTPAT, PIP, FAST, and CSA Certifications allow for expedited Customs clearance.

GPS tracking and our state-of-the-art monitoring system will track your shipment and communicate real-time status in the desired duration.

Our Motor Truck Cargo Carrier’s Liability is $250,000 and can be increased to the amount required. Commercial General Liability of $6,000,000 for General Aggregate and $5,000,000 for each occurrence.

Our superstar vehicle fleet include Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Ford Transit, and Chrysler ProMaster – all safety compliant, equipped with suitable load securement equipment, newly purchased and always recent year models. All of our vans are equipped with in-cabin-office equipment such as a printer, scanner, and fax, which are mobilized by the use of the driver’s smartphones. Communication between our operation center and our drivers is performed by the use of telephone, email, and via sophisticated software that allows smooth and effective transfer of documentation and ongoing updates.

What we pride ourselves on most; however, are our drivers. Their experience and training are second to none, handling deliveries with the utmost care and sensitivity – always focusing on customer satisfaction.

Hand Carry

Services Hand-Carry

It’s in our hands every step of the way. Whether it’s a large, multiple airplane capacity shipment or small, single package, we are able to ensure a trusted member of our team will be with it at every turn.

Our Hand Carry Worldwide White Glove deliveries are supported by complete customs documentation and executed to your total satisfaction.

Air Freight

Services Air FreightWhen it absolutely has to be there as quickly as possible, consider it done. Even when using an air charter, there are no limitations. From small to large and single to multiple airliners, we ensure your entire shipment will be delivered in an air synchronized load. As with all our services, your delivery time is guaranteed.

Air Charter

Air CharterIf your shipment requires an airplane charter to assist in moving your shipment in a timely manner, consider it done! From small to large, and single to multiple aircrafts, we will coordinate ground expedite to pickup shipments and deliver them to the aircraft(s). Similarly, once delivered by air, we will synchronize the pick up and delivery to the desired location, all with exceptional care and within the guaranteed delivery time. When it absolutely has to be there as quickly as possible, consider it done.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is emergency transportation?

Simply put: the time critical delivery of goods. But it’s so much more than that. With Sprinter, emergency transportation guarantees on-time, reliable, uninterrupted delivery from shipper to consignee. From pick-up to delivery, we provided a dedicated service – earning your trust to manage valued goods, in the most secure way.

How does your team stay on top of deliveries 24/7?

Like any successful relationship, communication is key. Through the power of great logistics and strong technology, our dedicated logistics team can easily track deliveries by satellite and reach our fleet through a sophisticated communication system.


What are your hours?

We’re moving freight around the clock – 24/7, 365 days a year. We don’t sleep (at least our operations don’t)!! Sprinter acts fast and our drivers always deliver before the expected time.

Are there any limitations to what you can deliver?

No, we can transport a piece of paper or a set of small springs to a full 53 ft tractor trailer.

How many dispatch teams do you have?

We have a team of vastly experienced full-time Logistics Coordinators for every hour of the 24-hour day.

What certifications do you have?

There’s a few under our belt: C-TPAT, PIP, US & CANADA BONDED,  FAST (Free and Secure Trade), and CSA.